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Originates from reports of people under the influence of the drug known as bath salts eating people's faces.

1. Can be used as a threat.
2. Can be used as a compliment.
1. Person A: I stole your cookie!

Person B: I'm going to eat your face!
2. He's so cute I'm gonna eat his face!
#eat your face #asshat #dickcheese #bath salts #threat
by Cathery August 27, 2012
Term for the one you are madly in love

Means: kiss you intensly, show love
I'm gunna eat your face when I see you!
#kiss #make out #love #intensity #attack
by Courtney92 September 27, 2012
1. Expression used by an individual in regard to another individual (at a distance), when said second individual looks as though they cannot contain their anger in regard to something someone in their vicinity has done to them.

2. Expression used by an individual when said individual cannot contain their anger in regard to something someone has done to them, when speaking to the offender.
1st "Dude, what the hell did you do to her?"
2nd "Why? What's wrong?"
1st "She looks like she's going to eat your face, man."

"Dude, why in God's name did you hook up with my girlfriend?! I'm so pissed off I could eat your face right now."

Recently heard on "Scrubs"
#chew off your eyebrows #pissed off #anger #irritation #rage #joke
by J.L. Griffith January 30, 2009
When someone is really hungry and your face looks really yummy, they may want to eat your face.
I'm hungry!

Lemme eat your face!

*Chomp!* *omnomnom*

#yummy #omnomnom #hungry #yum #chomp
by faceeaterhuh January 15, 2011
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