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to swap spit; to french kiss, to snog

this was a vulgar preppism (yes preppys can be as vulgar as they wanna be) circa the last days of disco
I saw Rob and Tara outside eating face.
by Mandingoe May 28, 2004
to win incredibly, or to destroy an opponent.
"I ate their faces with those headshots!"
"I gonna eat your face!"
Zombies eat face.
by Sapa April 20, 2010
in snowboarding: to have an extremely bad fall which caused you to get a mouth full of snow.
this jump looks intense. I'm going to eat face
by steasefactor December 19, 2010
To have a really bad trip on acid.
1. "Oh man did you hear about that guy in Florida? He totally ate face. Literally."

2. "I'm not so sure about this acid. Got it off a new dealer. Sure hope I don't eat face."
by feedyourhead May 29, 2012
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