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one who makes an extra ordinary amount of legitimate or illegitamte income through via the internet.
Many internet start ups of the '90s played the e-pimp game to make millions.
by Krishna February 12, 2005
6 12
n. one who constantly macks or pimps on younger bitches over the internet in an attempt to obtain some easy snatch..... unfortunately however, the attempt is usually in vain

Eric: dude... i was like totally mackin on the pierog sisters on aim for like three hours... i'm totally gonna get some!!!

Me: man.. get ur head outa ur ass... ur nothing but a wannabee ePimp
by weinersinmymouth69 July 20, 2006
30 4
A man that runs one or more cybersex hos.
With 100 or so bitches on webcams he's a supreme e-pimp.
by Andre7000 April 04, 2006
45 19
A man that uses all necessary and obvious dating websites to compile phone numbers, messenger usernames, and email addresses in hope that his online networking will lead to an e-hookup.
I can't believe he's got six girls' numbers in one week, he's definitely an e-pimp!!
by mavsfan January 29, 2008
12 3
A person who solicits and and acquires girls (legal or not) online for self sexual graitifiying behaviour or macking. These behaviours include: cybering, cam whoring or phone sex.
'Holy shiet, Jay is such a fucking ePimp. He's got the hunnys all 'round him"
by j00bz December 22, 2005
14 7
Someone attempting to woo another forum member via spitting game. Typically the game is very weak.
Yo, brucie, this hottie joined the forum today and I totally e-pimped her. She was all into my smilies and shit.
by Sumppump May 20, 2008
2 4
A electronic pimp. Some one who has the ability to have cyber sex with any one.
Dang Josh the E-Pimp had 10 girls have cyber sex with him i
by David January 28, 2005
10 12
The term used by users of FTJ when they hit on the oppostie sex over the internet.
I e-pimped yelloLILLIES the otherday.
by April 21, 2004
6 8