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5 definitions by mavsfan

A word used in the movie "Don't Mess With The Zohan." Poon is the American slang word for the female genitals, and Tachat is “Ass” in Hebrew. Add one to the other and you get a throaty word that sounds vulgar in three different languages.
Steve, how was your weekend? It was fabulous! I ended my dry spell of no poontachat!!
by mavsfan June 30, 2008
A man that uses all necessary and obvious dating websites to compile phone numbers, messenger usernames, and email addresses in hope that his online networking will lead to an e-hookup.
I can't believe he's got six girls' numbers in one week, he's definitely an e-pimp!!
by mavsfan January 29, 2008
The culmination of an e-pimp's online networking skills; more directly, a hookup with one of his online contacts.
Did you hear that he landed an e-hookup last weekend?
by mavsfan January 29, 2008
A feeble and decrepit One Liner presented to a female by a wannabe Don Juan.
Did you see him get rejected by that cougar? Ha, he must've given her a Don Juan-liner.
by mavsfan January 29, 2008
The best drink available to humans, those 21 and over of course. This includes 2oz of Tuaca liqouer mixed with a 12oz can of Mountain Dew Code Red.
The best drink known to man is the Dewaca!!!
by mavsfan June 25, 2008