a rainbow zebra that was colored in by sharpies.
he has a star on his belly and time travels.
dweeble's safe in candy land.
he's there on vacation.
he's picnicking with mr and mrs gumdrop.
by imma.moose.rawr. November 09, 2010
Top Definition
A small, platypus-like animal that hangs around inside your pants and forces you to tell you the truth by slowly gnawing on your inner thighs.
Dude, a dweeble must have your toungue, these pants really do make ay ass look big.
by Zachary Peterson August 04, 2005
A young idiot who bobbles around trolling or perving people online because they are so self absorbed and insecure they think it makes them feel better to unsuccessfully try to offend others
Joe is such a dweeble to be posting his Johnson on everyone's status!
by Tenacious HG420 March 09, 2014
A dweeble is someone (or animal) who amazes and astounds others with their adorable presence. They have a magnetic personality, are mysterious and do exactly what they want, when they want. Others admire their free spirit.
An example of a Dweeble is one with 'tiger blood' (or just make up your own, not sure what to put here)
by hha777 August 17, 2011
1.A person that is easy on the eyes and very peachy; a person that has confidence
2. A pet name for your girl buddies
Taren and Jazmyn are some dweebles!
by Ginger Doll January 12, 2011
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