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6 definitions by maj

a person blamed for others faults
or a victim of fate.

Raiden wasnt all that bad (Real MG fans know this the nes that _FINISHED_ The game)
"dude im not playing raiden"
by Maj March 09, 2005
37 28
common sound made when: tired,drunk,stupid,confused,horny,gay,shaqin' it out with Justin's gf,being hungry,pickin up bitches and killin' em,or just plain dont give a fuck!
MRUH screamed Shaqtina whilst nuttin' over justin's weenus
by maj November 04, 2004
5 4
referring to a side effect of the common STD called chlamydigohnyherpesyphyllaids
i was with your mom and grandma last night,and all i got was this lousy case of the sheky flumps!
by maj November 04, 2004
2 3
A complete and total fucking IDIOT! ie;Daniel Curry(fucktard)
look at that dweeble fester,using a coat hanger to scrape her uterus!
by maj November 04, 2004
3 8
referring to the sound a jew would make whilst in an oven
mowby bing kingshu screamed all the little jew burgers!!!
by maj November 04, 2004
3 28
An act in which a man engages in at least 13 coital engagements to ejaculation, all within a 24 hour period. Represents high achievement of male sexual stamina, much as a marathon is to a runner or as ballooning around the world is to rich white men.
Man: How was the trip to see your "girlfriend"?
Dude: Man, I tore her ass up! Made it a baker's dozen just so she wouldn't forget.
Man: Whatever, Dude. Doesn't count if you cranked them out by hand.
by Maj February 19, 2004
10 42