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The most beautiful caring awesome girl ever is. She is smart and speaks the truth.Loyal to friends and helps everyone in need. She likes to be successful and is very competitive.
Watch out that girl is a Jazmyn!
by Smartone0hhh1 August 26, 2011
1. a too perfect younging that all envy in all ways
2. can be a little on the hyper side and hypnotize you by her lucious and desirable actions
3. usually an azn girl
4. will die of obesity
I once knew a Jazmyn that lived by a pond.
by Arnold McDermit April 27, 2005
1. A wonderful female.
2. L337.
3. Awesome.
4. Reapist.
5. Common whore.
1] That Jazmyn's gone to take some souls, again.

2] OMG! That's Jazmyn d00d totally pwnd me!

3] I'm going out to pick up a cheap Jazmyn with some great Charlies.
by Piftnik March 14, 2008

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