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(Noun) A nerd, whimp, or loser. Dweebs are uninteresting people. A male dweeb may be spotted driving an F-150.
Tony: "Is that guy driving an F-150?"
Patrick: "Yeah, straight dweeb."
by Shaquille23 October 08, 2012
A big dork, a geek, a loser, usually residing in Milford Connecticut.
Angelo is a dweeb and needs a kick to the face.
by lambo breezy August 12, 2011
Dweebs of the flight sim variety play games where air combat is encouraged but do all they can to avoid combat. They partake in vulching (shooting people on the runway) running, picking, head on shots and tons of BS on open radio channells. A book has been written in similar format to the bible called the book of dweeb and explains dweebish behaviour in detail.
Sidey is a picking, running dweeb. He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
by phat123 November 07, 2010
A dorky person, silly, or just a crazy person.
" Cacadoodle DOO!!" bob says.
" heh. your such a dweeb." says amy. (:
by shannigans423 May 15, 2009
someone who always calls other people dweebs and gets their friends to join in just to cover up the fact that they themselves, are idiots.
Holly: "You're such a dweeb!"
Holly's friends: "Yeah, dweeb!"

this person(Holly) is an idiot.
by Anonnymousy April 19, 2009
A person who calls another person a dweeb. They do this to cover up the fact that they, themselves are the actual dweeb. They are normally very weird and have dimples in their cheeks. Also known as a "kathryn Chovanes."
Kathryn Chovanes is the biggest dweeb that I know
by MJSCHM November 04, 2009
1.A person who acts rather "obscure" or has odd tendencies.

2.People who sit on statue benches and act complete fools.

1:Elyssa: man look at Anna, shes acting like a total dweeb.
Anna:Well I would rather be a dweeb than someone whose boring.

2:Innocent bystander: Wow, they really are dweebs.
by Bohanbruster February 24, 2009