a dork
Subrina is more of a dweeb than Nikki. she's a level 2829372948394827493737.
by 6613 January 23, 2015
Llama and shiny both are definitely dweebs, they are the most dweebiest people on the planet I swear. Shiny and llama are uber mega sweebs. Trust me.
Llama and shiny are dweebs, this is fact.
by Flame kit April 07, 2014
this dumb pale skinny kid with a half grown mustache named cody
"Wow look at Cody what a fuckin' dweeb."
by Dweebstress November 20, 2013
a total nerd for a specific thing that is easily made fun of
"Josh is a dweeb"
by dweebomatic January 25, 2013
(Noun) A nerd, whimp, or loser. Dweebs are uninteresting people. A male dweeb may be spotted driving an F-150.
Tony: "Is that guy driving an F-150?"
Patrick: "Yeah, straight dweeb."
by Shaquille23 October 08, 2012
A big dork, a geek, a loser, usually residing in Milford Connecticut.
Angelo is a dweeb and needs a kick to the face.
by lambo breezy August 12, 2011
A dorky person, silly, or just a crazy person.
" Cacadoodle DOO!!" bob says.
" heh. your such a dweeb." says amy. (:
by shannigans423 May 15, 2009

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