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It is NOT an adjective. It's an exclamation of disgust.
Gads! That tastes horrible.
by motownpunk March 08, 2004
"Gad" is the name of a false deity mentioned in ISAIAH 65:11. Ironically, the Hebrew name "Gad" does NOT rhyme with "sad" or "glad", rather it is pronounced EXACTLY the same as "God". Yahweh is nowhere called "God" in the Hebrew or Greek, but, most English-speaking people seem to prefer this substitute instead of His real name.
Why do you call YAHWEH "Gad" (pronounced "God")?
by Isaiah Fourman March 19, 2009
Something completely pathetic. Something that is equally gay and sad. Gay + sad = gad.
He just created a facebook page for his dog. That is so gad.
by Seth Coman April 01, 2008
adjective: something that is disgusting or repulsive.
can be used on its own or as part of a sentence.
used in scotland, more specfically south west
did you see that guy being sick over there?
by crumlish February 25, 2008
West Coast of Scotland word for "Duff". i.e. Really bad.

Confused by the fact that "duff" can be used to mean something really good, in a sense of "irony".
"Thats well gads man"
"That birds gads, but the other is well duff"
by Shizer August 25, 2003
The single greatest biblical character on the planet. Not mentioned much in the Bible solely because the churches rejected the gospel of Gad. He is well known in the hallows of the theatre universe as the greatest character to ever be enacted. In fact, stage-actor-turned-movie-star Josh Gad got his last name from the aforementioned superstar. He is well known from the play about his younger brother he stars in called Gad and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (known to some as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). His stardom is not always understood outside the theatre world, but every human being needs to know the pure star-power of Gad. He also would like to say that he is very humble.
"Oh my Gad, have you heard about Gad?"
"Oh Gad yeah, Gad's the f***ing bomb!!"
by THEAmazingTechnicolorGad January 08, 2015
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