A person who calls another person a dweeb. They do this to cover up the fact that they, themselves are the actual dweeb. They are normally very weird and have dimples in their cheeks. Also known as a "kathryn Chovanes."
Kathryn Chovanes is the biggest dweeb that I know
by MJSCHM November 04, 2009
a non-nerd; someone who knows nothing, or nearly nothing, about computers or programming. Originally, an acronym for "dim-witted e-effete bumpkin".
Rex is such a dweeb! He thinks a "DO loop" is when your dog craps in the shape of an "O"!

by NerdicTrek February 25, 2009
a pencil necked skinny twit with glasses..
A dweeb is the kid you see hanging out with real younger kids as a high school student..almost homolike
by jakethe snake December 17, 2008
The word used to describe the best friendship shared between two really awesome people; an acronym used to emphasize that Dweeb 1 and Dweeb 2 are the definition of best friends; this pink kid who is the king of all dweebs and is the best friend anyone could ever ask for!
(D)id you know..


d(E)finition of


"You are such a DWEEB, but you're my best friend and I LOVE YOU!"
by KTxG June 25, 2009
a despised person, a socially inept person
Shut the hell up you dweeb.
by The Return of Light Joker September 21, 2008
also known as Debbie Araujo
Debbie is such a dweeb
by notradryan September 07, 2010
julio. end of story.
julio is suchhhh a dweeb.
by bahaha413. June 04, 2010

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