also known as Debbie Araujo
Debbie is such a dweeb
by notradryan September 07, 2010
julio. end of story.
julio is suchhhh a dweeb.
by bahaha413. June 04, 2010
1) Type of sweets indistinguishible from "nerdsTM" that used to be popular in the UK during my primary school years ('90's) and that I only hope still exist. Coming in small boxes split into two or three compartments for different flavours (all sour), you either ate them one by one and savoured the bittersweet chemical taste that was sure to dissolve your stomach in ten years, or you ate the whole box at once and risked it dissolving in two days.

2) see all other definitions.
"Hey, Rach, remember dweebs?"
"MMMmmmmmmmm dweebs..."
by Ceallai July 24, 2005
Dim-Witted Eastern-Educated Boor
your typical DWEEB is a nose-in-the-air, Ivy League pseudo-aristocrat, an East-Coast PREPPY!
by VALON July 31, 2008
Moron, simpleton.
She is such a dweeb! What an idiot!
by Xiao July 16, 2002
A self-absorbed ineffectual person
'Pure Mathematics' is for dweebs.
by Isaac Newton August 11, 2004
A student who studies excessively
"no it's this.. blahblah"
"you're such a dweeb!"
by TeenyP October 01, 2006

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