Dorky or nerdy person.
Lindsay Nelson is such a dweeb.
by Nick Ramadan March 29, 2012
This word was accidentally created circa 1973 by a group of high-school students at a northern Indiana school.

The original spelling of the word was 'D-W-E-E-D' and was meant to be a shortened form of dickweed. By using the word dweed, they were able to call their classmates derogatory terms in front of teachers with no repercussions.

Because only a select group of students knew what was actually being said, the word was mispronounced in abundance, causing the word to be spoken as dweeb.
"You're such a dweed."

"I'm not a dweeb!"
by Child of originator March 11, 2014
Llama and shiny both are definitely dweebs, they are the most dweebiest people on the planet I swear. Shiny and llama are uber mega sweebs. Trust me.
Llama and shiny are dweebs, this is fact.
by Flame kit April 07, 2014
is a frowned upon word on tumblr. Kind of like how peasant was cool and now it isn't.
Person A on the internet: "You're a dweeb."

Person B on the internet (probably anon): "No one says that anymore.. It became overused and uncool. Like peasant did."
by woketgirl November 21, 2012
A nerd. Dork. Your weird friend.
Linda: omg did you hear?
Jane: hear what?
Linda: Sam McArthur is such a dweeb.

Jane: omg ikr
by nabsville October 20, 2014
First of all, Dweebs are way different than geeks, nerds, or dorks.
- Studious looking guys
- Very intelligent
- How they are oblivious to how cute they are (which makes them cuter)
-They look ah-dorable in glasses
-They don't have douche-y friends
-Lunch boxes
-They are awkward
- Their skinny-ness is way better than muscel-y beefy guys that have ugly thick necks.
- They watch Star Wars and know all of the characters names, so you don't feel lost when watching it with them.
- They wear watches, so you'll always know what time it is.
- They are outdoorsy/ like to experience nature.
- Use complex words. ex: pupillary sphincter.
- They read books in their spare time
-They are nice to their mothers.
"I love Seth Cohen on the OC he's such a dweeb!"
by LeoParade June 17, 2009
this dumb pale skinny kid with a half grown mustache named cody
"Wow look at Cody what a fuckin' dweeb."
by Dweebstress November 20, 2013

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