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7 definitions by Xiao

Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian band that uses the most unusual and creative ways of creating amazingly original music. Their lyrics deal with different issues then love, like most artists. Instead, Kaizers sing about Heaven, Hell, Russian Roulette, and they tell strange stories of quirky characters and their adventures. They are a great band, one of the best ever, despite being different.
Kaizers Orchestra is a Norweigan rock band. Actually, it's kind of not rock. It's... well... it's not really any genre at all. XD
by Xiao May 04, 2005
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New Hampshire is a beautiful and great state. It has beaches, cities, mountains, awesome falls, snow, and spring and the best summer vacations.

Think of the shire from LOTR. It's like that. XD

You can eat strawberries and cream, you can dance with dtrangers, you can play any instrument you want even if you don't know how to play it and get positive reactions...

It's probably one of the nicest, if not THE nicest places to live... :D

Down to earth yet friendly people. Great schools. woot.

It's got the white mountains, the basin, cities, the seashore, rocky beach, rockport, boston nearby, littleton, cheap wine... heh... everything.
Have you been to new hampshire? IT OWNZ!
by Xiao August 15, 2005
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You do me a favor, I'll do you a favor.
This time, I'll fix your car for free. You scratch my back, I'll scratch back!
by Xiao July 16, 2002
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You people are idiots, its not the computer that causes errors, its the operating system. Now all you ignorant people go back to your trailer, and work for a Billionare Geek.
After High School, those who have the most money are popular, those who barly make a living, are the losers who pollute the air and shop at IGA or SafeWay.

by XIAO October 24, 2003
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An anime from the creators of cow-boy-behop. However if you don't watch it from the first episode you'll NEVER understand it......... It's about these Wolfs that can take human form by using a mind power to make thme appear human. They are on a search for a place called Paradise that doesn't exist!!!
Kiba: Lets go to Paradise!

Tsume: We've been over this before you dumbass
by Xiao December 12, 2004
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Playstation Portable, Sony's handheld gaming device.
PSP is outselling the Nintendo DS in preorders alone.
by Xiao March 21, 2005
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Moron, simpleton.
She is such a dweeb! What an idiot!
by Xiao July 16, 2002
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