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Hey bring me another kilo of that gold dust
by Kenny October 21, 2003
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All of the left-over crumbs at the bottom of a cereal, cheez-it, chips, etc. box/bag.
Bob: Hey, dude can I have that bag of chips?
Mike: Sure dude here you go..
Bob: Come on dude! Stop giving me all the gold dust!
by Mr. Chip-Bag May 19, 2010
Golddust- refers to any sexual connotation or sexual phrase. Refers to all aspects of foreplay and sexual intercourse.

Can be used as a noun or a verb as Golddust can be a person or an action.
"Tyler and Mike took Julyanna into the bathroom and golddusted all over her face, however, they could not finish her so she wen't home and turned on some golddust and finshed golddusting all over the bed."
by HuNNTa November 18, 2009
the salty crumbs at the end of a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Hey put the Gold dust in the bong and we can squat, toc and see how it pans out.
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
this is what you get when you fart and little pieces of poo comes out in your shorts.
I just let out a little gold dust in my shorts.
by jedimasterjohnjr December 04, 2005

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