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meaning a lot or too much or very.
My car speaker got dumbass slap .

(a lot of)

Those sneaker are dumbass clean .

by Jizzo Fortanel July 19, 2009
20 11
something that starts with a d and ends with a bass.. theres a little ummm in the middle.. thus D-UMM-BASS..
err this is such a dumbassedly dumbassed definition... alliteration is the name of the game...
by queen of the GRasslands August 29, 2006
16 7
A stupid ass bastard that think he owns the fucking world.
Look at that fat bastard run. what a dumbass cock smoker.
by farytale November 02, 2003
17 8
AKA retarded. Sometimes when you're hanging out with your friends this kind of behavior is acceptable; however, in the general public you should definitely limit your dumbassness. Acting loud, stupid; making poor decisions regarding life. See also teenage boy.
Sitting alone in his room at night, with no one else to even talk to, Steven finally realized something: he was a dumbass.
by dreadreaDREA! (LOL FAIL) March 18, 2009
13 5
someone who can't think for themsleves and follows what others tell them to do especially fake bestfriends orders
hey man do this with me, and we're gonna do this later....

ive never done that before and im kinda against it but ok!
by nfg May 10, 2005
18 10
an ass that is of low intelligiaaance
You have a dumbass
by heebie jeebie February 05, 2003
26 18
One who doesnt under stand the word crookshank
He asked me what the word crookshank means so he is a dumbass
by largelen November 06, 2009
17 10