A buttocks with a degraded memory.
You fucking dumbass. Go fuck yourself!
by Spike Minoda July 10, 2004
dumb ass pronounced by a red neck
shut up, ya big dum bass!
by feleah August 29, 2003
an ass that is of low intelligiaaance
You have a dumbass
by heebie jeebie February 05, 2003
The people who post definitions for Britney Spears.
omg britany suxOrs!
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
Whatone will be if (s)he doesn't want to go to school and thinks the info they learn there is useless.
by dj gs68 September 01, 2003
1.Someone retarted
Meaning he/she does'nt make sense or understand anything.Does stupid things and thinks they are right.Won't listen or except the truth.
Devin:"Dude, stop touching me."
Austin:"Why?I'm not touching you!"
Devin:"Stop being so fucking annoying."
Devin:"Leave me alone, faggot!!!"
Teacher:"Excuse me!"
Devin:"He's being such a dumbass!"
by Trent Frost April 22, 2009
1)sumone who you have to explain the most simple thing in the world to(repeat about 3 times..........then give up)

2)a person who looks the word dumbass up in the dictionary

3)a person that admits they are a dumbass
1)umm.........i cant think of anything simple because im a dumbass

2)ppl who look up dumbass are dumbasses!!!!!!!!!

3)im a dumbass!
by mullet January 29, 2005

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