Someone who constantly brakes things and acts like an idiot and never listens no matter how many times you tell them something. Usually thinking they are funny, dumbasses usually do incredibly stupid things. If you are doing things like tripping over curbs or driving 50 km down a road with your turn signal on you just might be a dumbass.
Wow look at that kid tripping over the curb what a dumbass!
by papaloki July 31, 2006
1) a person that is unable to justify their actions, or lack there of, with a logical reason

2) a person that partakes in an activity that may be deemed as dumb by you or the general public

3) partaking in an activity to spite someone that will have a greater degree of negativity on the way others view you than it will on the person that you are trying to spite

4) a person that does not understand the words used in the previous definitions
You dumbass.

Don't act like such a dumbass.

(the word dumbass can, for the most part, replace any word that has a demeaning connotation)
by does it really matter?? September 30, 2004
90% of the people who post on this site
I can't believe that any dumbass can post whatever they want
by antihate July 05, 2003
"Dumbass" is a redundant term. An "ass" is a fool and "dumb," of course, means stupid. Hence, "dumbass" means "stupid fool." Is not it more efficient simply to call someone ans "ass?"
by Paul Thundergod June 26, 2003
meaning a lot or too much or very.
My car speaker got dumbass slap .

(a lot of)

Those sneaker are dumbass clean .

by Jizzo Fortanel July 19, 2009
A guy I know named Aaron who is an idiot and basically a complete screw off until the last minute and even then.....
Aaron: Hey dude how do you convert a decimal into a percent???
Some Random Person: Jeez your suck a dumbass.
by Game Crazy February 02, 2006
The man who lost the popular and electoral vote.

See John Kerry
Looks like that dumbass didn't win enough votes. I guess I'll move to Canada.
by John Cusack November 20, 2004

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