One who stays up until 2 a.m. drinking beer with his friends on a work night!
Often associated with deep and prophetic conversations on life and waking up with the taste of monkey caca in your mouth.
Sing. I am too old to behave like such a dumbass.
Pl. I can’t believe we can still act like such dumbasses.
by Trevor Clere September 21, 2005
1) a person that is unable to justify their actions, or lack there of, with a logical reason

2) a person that partakes in an activity that may be deemed as dumb by you or the general public

3) partaking in an activity to spite someone that will have a greater degree of negativity on the way others view you than it will on the person that you are trying to spite

4) a person that does not understand the words used in the previous definitions
You dumbass.

Don't act like such a dumbass.

(the word dumbass can, for the most part, replace any word that has a demeaning connotation)
by does it really matter?? September 30, 2004
90% of the people who post on this site
I can't believe that any dumbass can post whatever they want
by antihate July 05, 2003
When a people acts like a stupid ass and didn't even think of wtf there saying. Someone like Jacob.
"Hey Kristina," want to come to the library w/ me?" said Jacob.

"Sure," said Kristina.

Few Days Later.

"That was a great date," said Jacob.

by ladybooxfoo September 25, 2009
meaning a lot or too much or very.
My car speaker got dumbass slap .

(a lot of)

Those sneaker are dumbass clean .

by Jizzo Fortanel July 19, 2009
a donkey, or any other similar creature of unusually low intelligence
Guy: Come and buy this dumbass cheap
AnotherGuy: Damn that's a dumbass
by anotherguy November 11, 2003
A stupid ass bastard that think he owns the fucking world.
Look at that fat bastard run. what a dumbass cock smoker.
by farytale November 02, 2003
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