Someone who desperately wants to be in a band but, being largely untalented is relegated to the bass guitar - which s/he cannot play very well.
Hey man, that Sid Vicious was a real dumbass
by Oscar Plankton III October 21, 2004
The word that red forman invented from that 70's show when he was talking about a neighbor.
(Red): That (neighbor) is (dumb) and an (ass)... (He) is a (dumbass)
by Jak Satler October 29, 2010
Girls that usually go by the name Allie.
Allie's don't understand anything and can/will believe anything you tell them. They are also overly obsessive with Christmas and like to play the board game hoarse-opoly
Today I went to that dumb ass's house and played hoarse-opoly
by Amz&Niz November 24, 2008
Drastically Unique Magical Bastard-Actually Super Smart
Your such a dumb-ass!
i know, thanx. You're more of a dumb-ass though.
by fa schow December 13, 2010
some one who looks up "dumbass" in the dictionary and should also look up dimwit to define them selves. in other
you get called dumbass everyday.
by RAINS-ON-YOUR-DREAMS January 30, 2007
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