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"duggah": is an idiomatic expression that can mean ANYTHING. there are two other forms of the word "duggah." these forms are "dugg" and "duggie." there is a set of rules to determine which form to use. the rules are as follows:
Duggah- can be used when expressing a word of excitement, amazement, surprisment, or astonishment. normally used as the ONLY word in its sentence. example listed below
Duggie- can be used when expressing a word of sorrow, or surprise/astonishment. an example is listed under "Duggie."
Dugg- can be used as a direction or command. also normally used as the only word in its sentence. an example is listed under "Dugg."
"Duggah! You pinched me!" can also be used sexually, as in "duggah?" *while being involved in sexual activity*
by BoobayzLouis1UBERSEX April 11, 2007
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