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practice where teens prepare for their future by sitting there, being fat, and drinking beer.
Mike Duggan was the god of dugganism.
by Penis April 07, 2004
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a guy with much masculinity (good looks and excessivley large penis)
Wow...Todd is so lucky that he can get all the girls. I wish i had dugganism like that.
by Hoover February 15, 2004
A religon involving heavy use of marijuana, eating, rude jokes, passing of gas, drinking, and shouting. In many religons pilgramiges are a yearly practice, in dugganism pilgramiges occur many times throughout the winter, they are known as ski trips.
Dike Muggin and Alex Duggan were the founders of Dugganism in 2003.
by Alex Duggan;founder of Dugganism February 15, 2004

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