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The act of fondling young girls while they sleep. To be a duggar.
He was arrested for two counts of duggary. They really should put sick duggars like this on the sex offender registry.
by Nix Nightbird May 24, 2015
Noun. A person who wears Google Glass and refuses to remove it when directly interacting with other people, private gatherings, or public events. The general belief is that these people are photographing, recording, Googling, and Facebooking the people they're interacting with instead of focusing on the conversation or acting like a human being. In extreme cases this word is directly synonymous with stalker or creeper.
"Yeah, I ran into Bill. He wouldn't take off those damn Google spyglasses the entire time we were talking. What a glasshole."

"Look there, under the bleachers. Some glasshole is looking up women's skirts!"

"...So the glasshole meets this girl and looks her up online, finds out everything about her, and is waiting for her in her front yard when she gets home that night. That was when she maced him and called the cops."
by Nix Nightbird July 05, 2013
The actual label for what the genre of music most people call "modern country". Since new country doesn't resemble actual country music from the likes of Roy Clark, Willie Nelson, or Dolly Parton (among others), and does resemble bad 1990s pop music with an added steel guitar and twangy accent telling stories about redneck fantasies (driving pickup down a dirt road with a girl in tight blue jeans, mostly, but sometimes partying and drinking cheap beer), it's not really accurate to call it "country music" when it's really more about the redneck lifestyle and lack of musical diversity.
"That ain't no country station. All they play is redneck pop. Find a station with some Roy Clark, man."
by Nix Nightbird June 01, 2015
A TV network known for low-class reality trash. Formerly stood for "The Learning Channel", but fuck learning, right? After Honey Boo-Boo and the Duggars, the call letters now stand for "Touching Little Children" though the people at TLC say "it doesn't stand for anything".

Boy, have they got THAT right!
"I'm going to watch TLC. I feel the need to feel superior to other people, and watching the lowlife scum on that channel really reminds me that-- although I'm a junkie, a scumbag, and can't hold down a job or be at all decent to other people-- I'm still better off than the worthless pieces of shit on that network."
by Nix Nightbird May 24, 2015

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