Noun, describes an unbelievably perfect male, resident of Pinner/North Harrow, with black hair, best friend of mini-dude
"Sarah look! There's dude!"
by pain cobain December 11, 2004
A word having many universal meanings.

1) A person
2) A word used to address someone
3) An exclamation
4) A problem
5) An adjective

Synonymns: man, holy shit, Pablo, etc
1) That dude is SO on weed.
2) Dude, you got the goods?
3) Dude! That guy is slammin'
4) WHAT is your dude?!
5) Those pants are so dude...
by i am so cool. November 17, 2004
commonly refering to a friend or someone whos attention you want to get. Often followed by ...I know!
1) Dude....
2) ....I know!
by Cortney May 16, 2004
1) A man.

2) A friend.

3) An exclamation.
That dude over there is looking at me funny.

Hey dude! Long time, no see!

Dude!!! Why did you do that?!?!
by Albert February 14, 2004
You may know the word "dude" as a universal word, invented by Americans.

Before Americans changed this word, the word dude, originally meant "horse penis".
The dude needed to be examined.
by Resent of ijji Gunz May 05, 2010
It's an Ingrown Elephants Butt Hair.
Don't do that, You disgusting Dude.
by Ravens-Nights March 12, 2010
A hair on an elephant's ass.
You are such a dude.
by Gino's Girl June 05, 2009

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