Word you use when you have a brain-fart and use the word to replace an actual sentence. Always gets the point across because of the stupidity engraved in the word. The best word ever.
Dude: And then I fell off my board and hit the ground!
Other dude: Dude!!
Dude: Dude! I know!!
Other dood: DUDE!!!
Dude: RIGHT DOOD?!?!?!11?!!?1
by TheAntiBallJuggler May 01, 2009
(noun)A homosapien with male genitals; usually of the teenage variety. Has been known to be unpredictable and make no sense and break a girl's (or in some cases, another dude') heart for little or no reason.
"That dude is hot."

"Dude, where's my car?"
by pmpdynomyte March 04, 2009
A word someone uses to address someone else.

Known to scientist as an infected hair on an elephants but.
Dude waz upp???

That's a bad dude there pick it off.
by Toshia pimp March 03, 2009
An ingrown butt-hair. Not necessarily found on an elephant, horse, or other animal, but anyone.
1. (Actual) Wow, I have a really big dude today. It hurts so bad!

2. (Name-calling) That guy is such a dude!
by qpdoll17 October 20, 2008
Dude: Listen; check this out.

Duuude: You're not gonna believe this.

DUUUuuud: What you just said really ticked me off.

Dude Dude Dude: Hot chick at nine o'clock.
"That makes absolutely no sense."
"Dude Dude Dude."
by Irish Taurus June 19, 2008
something guys call each other that somehow makes them sound cooler but girls can only say it on internet conversations like myspace
hey dude whats up

nothing much man and you
by ELLO DUDE April 17, 2008
a dude is a guy. that's basically all there is to it. sometimes, you might just use it to address anyone though. it's just a way to acknowledge people.
Dude 1: "Dude, she is hot!"
Dude 2: "Um, dude, no she isn't."
by Mandy Ganus June 27, 2006

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