an ugly person, mainly a female, but can be used for the ugly ass brothers too.
Males_I was at this party when some good smellin lady came up to me, i turned around-- man that bitch was a straight duck.

Females_ Did you see that girls boyfriend, he looks like a rich ass duck..well atleast he got the dough to cover up his
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
Mainly the disposing of electronical incentive in a reckless fashion. Duckers are to be approached with caution. They enjoy primarily ipod nanos,RAZR phones and cameras. To direct a ducker's attention onto something shiny would be obselete as a camera or ipod or phone is already. WARNING:will give you puppy eyes, sad face, even tears just to get their hands on something to duck.If you are lucky they will give it back after one ducking.Remember kids, keep a warranty! ;)
"Let me see your ipod, i wont duck it"
by The one who needs to be castrated September 02, 2006
Motherly, small, sexy, multi-colored, ugly, dumb, uneducated, yellow creature that gives head/wacks-off with self-tanner, underneath the table/dashboard/cove and enjoys the company of rain.
Oh, that duck!
That chubi APP duck... econ!!!
by Daniel Clemydia May 06, 2006
An underage (under 18) girl.
"I don't know...Is this duck?"
by snarfoogle August 14, 2005
An underage girl, typically in a sexual context. See loli.
Is this duck?
by O_o; August 14, 2005
1. When your sitting around waiting for something to happen
Boy: Man I've been standing here like a duck waiting for that bitch to show up
by Roxification July 13, 2005
A derogatory term used for guys that are about as cool as aids.
While we were at the local bar, this duck tried to hit on my girlfriend, and in the process spilled his beer all over her.
by Al G June 17, 2005

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