an ugly ugly ugly girl
yea i was at the party and this one duck was tryin to holla at me!
by fotweny November 15, 2004
Duck is a prison term for bitch at the Nebraska State Pen
John Falk, my RA is the floor duck. We all take our turns on him. Quack!
by nathan April 27, 2004
Ugly Ugly Ugly Hoe ( girl )
Yo, tht Girl is a duck
by one winged angel December 10, 2003
duck=dumb fuck
get it strait u ducks!!!! its not an animal
by boB August 13, 2003
stupid looking
"Ray Ray just got outta jail, robbed a store and went right back. he looking like a duck."
by indi July 29, 2003
a fukin ugly bird that steals all your bread
you are a duck
by ampoo March 12, 2003
Dumb Fuck


How could you say that. Man, You're a duck!

by Evan E.D.D. January 30, 2008

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