an ugly girl
yo don't talk to her man, she's a duck
by Pretty2BeDark December 31, 2003
a guy (see, girls are chicks, guys are ducks)
in the book weetzie bat, 'I wish for a duck for my friend'
by Cecelia October 17, 2003
Duck Is A Word For ''Boys''
''Look Att Themm Buff Ducks Over There''
by LOZZii3-BAYB33--X September 01, 2007
a term to describe men.
"I need a duck in my life."

"Hey, we should go out and find ducks tonight."
by Mimi b April 17, 2007
term used for a stupid, ignorant fool
yo how did you not know what 2+2 was ?
you a duck son
by DA WUN AND ONLY LALA November 17, 2006
any and all girls who just come around because they want something
Annie is such a duck
by Jamesda November 14, 2006
An ugly girl who thinks she is the flyest, prettiest, or top notch girl ... and isn't .
TIA: Kelley swear she the ish
SHAY: Naw man , she a duck on some real
by MISS TIA October 08, 2006

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