Duck:an individual fed up with labels and usaully has traits of all labels.
while being able to define some other labels if you ask them what they are they may gladly answer Duck.
They are themselves, not saying that a goth isnt themselves, just rather insisting the elmination of posers or Stereotypical looks or acts
they may listen to for example 50 cent and still listen to my chemical romance but also listen to the beatles.
as for looks one day they may dress in all pink and the next theyll dress in all black. they may even cross dress.
in conclusion, they do what they like.

prep guy:arent you emo?
duck guy: no im a duck
prep guy:wtf is a duck?
duck guy: i am!^-^
prep guy:ok your weird
duck guy:i know^-^
prep guy:*walks away*
by gabe the duck April 12, 2007
a duck is an ass or someone who is stupid without any sense.
Your boyfriend cheats on you and you still stay with his ass!

"Your a duck, why in the hell you still with his lame ass?"
by christina coney November 15, 2006
A nice way to swear in front of your grandparents
"o will you duck off little sister"
"pass the ducking potatoes grandad"
by dannyboy14 October 26, 2006
1. A type of water Fowl

2. The Action of lowering your body to the ground to make yourself a smaller target.

3. The name of Kris Kristofferson's character in the movie "Convoy"
1. There's a duck in that pond

2. Look out! Duck!

3. Where's Duck?
by AL SO August 07, 2005
Inspiration for a question game required an increasing number of people. You are asked the opening question and answer with the set response. At the end, turn to someone else (anyone from a complete stranger to someone's who's standing there waiting to join) and ask the opening question. Results in a long chain of people passing repsonses or question from the original person to the most recent participant.
Wanna buy a Duck?
A what?
A Duck.
Does it quack?
Of course it quacks.
Let me hear it quack.
by The French Girl January 05, 2005
A hot piece of male. Similar to the character "Duckie Dale" from the 80's film, Pretty in Pink.
Look at those ducks over there! They are mighty fine!
by Iona August 23, 2004
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