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1. A term describing someone wearing duckhead clothing, used in excess by people who wear nothing but Polo clothing and by tittybaby momma daddy money boys.
2. One of the coolest Lambda Chis to ever walk the face of the earth. You can spot Duck out of a crowd by his manly man beard and the swarm of beautiful ladies trying to rip off his clothes. Just by meeting him qualifys you as bad. If you are fortunate enough to be considered by him a friend your socail status is automaticly elevated to motherfuckin badass
1. polo mafia memeber1- "is he wearing a duckhead button up?"
polo mafia memeber2- "he is...HEY DUCK!"
2. "Did you see duck last night at the bar?"
"Yeah man that son of a bitch drank me under the table"
"I know man, then he stole my girl and took her home."
"Your's too? man Duck is one cool mother fucker, i wish i had a beard like his"
by 1500 May 01, 2007
3 17
Female - Not necessarily ugly but not as hot as the rest of the females in the room/group. See also: Young female out in the world for the first time (clubs, raves, concerts whateva) she still has her baby fat, has stuffed herself into something that is showing off to much midriff, cleavage or t-bone and has the air of self confidence and flirtatiousness that comes from the uncertainty of her position in the food chain.
Example 1:
(playa 1)"Dude I think that chick is totally into you"
(playa 2) "ya but she is totally a duck"
Example 2:
"I mean, I ain't trippin' I'll still tea bag 'er or sumtin but she is definetly a duck"
by the dave you are not looking for October 25, 2006
18 32
1. A confused person, marked by an inability to make decisions. 2. Someone easily misled.
1. Confused by the map, Billy wandered around the neighborhood like a duck.

2. You believed that bullshit? What a duck!
by Brandon H. March 31, 2006
9 23
the remainder of a blunt, usually half or roach-sized
Nah man, we can roll another 'L' and you can smoke that duck later.
by Matthew Whitaker May 14, 2005
2 16
duck (verb) - to shove a female prostitute into a confined space; to force someone into hiding, usually at gunpoint
"The cops were coming so i had to duck the bitch in the trunk."
by Patty February 07, 2005
2 16
a busta ass nigga who does what ever a woman tells him
follows a hoe around and gives her money
man i cant kick it wit my nigga no mo
duck ass nigga
by scizzle74 August 27, 2004
9 23
A dumb desperate hoe who will follow around a guy and she looks like a baby duck following its mommy and she'll do it eventhough she knows you like the guy or your her g/f or he has a g/f, she'll do it in front of your face just cuz shes a hoe...you can also use "ducking"
Yo that dumb bitch whos always hangs around mah b/f is such a duck

Yo you need to stop ducking mah b/f biatch.
by kAyBaYo4 May 14, 2004
6 20