vb. to fuck

In the world of predictive texting, the word fuck is replaced, often unnoticed by the sender, to duck. Known to be common on Blackberries and iPhones.

will you duck me tonight?
by MadHat Unspecific September 05, 2008
A truly evil creature with little to no remorse.
Guy: how are you?

Other guy: good.
Duck: *murders both guys*
by Herbert Alainius December 14, 2014
Someone that is extremely sensitive, but also has many peaks of extreme ego. So you can't give a compliment, because it feeds to the person's ego too much, and you can't poke fun because he or she is too sensitive. There is no middle ground, therefore, all you can do is keep your mouth shut and watch them wobble from one side of their personality to the other and quack about bizarre things.
I tried to flirt with this guy, however, he transformed into a duck after I fed him a compliment and tried to poke fun with him.
by wordness November 29, 2013
Noun - The end of a "blunt" which is marijuana rolled in a cigar. The paper version "joint" ends up as a "roach"
We shared that blunt with 20 people, and by the time it got to me; All I got was the duck.
by theothers August 22, 2012
Female that gets passed around through the whole crew; Usually has no standards, morals, and in general is a hoe. Ducklings are usually young, not to be confused with their older and experienced DUCK counter-parts. A duck/duckling is a girl that will get YOU drunk and give it up on the first night.
"Ayyy that girl is a straight duck!"

Want to go duck hunting tonight?!
by Gvegas Nights February 28, 2012
one who is very naive to street shit; an easy robbery; easily convinced to hand over his $$$; cant tell the difference between good and bad dope: rookie to the dope game. Many famous rap stars from nowadays use this in their rhymes such as rick ross,jody breeze , plies, damn near all them niggas but alot of them ducks 2.
that nigga ray a str8 duck i robbed him for a whole plate without even pullin the gun (plate means pound for the white audience)

man if u payin 600 for 2 zones u gettin ducked boy i got u on 500(zones mean ounces for the white audience, talkin bout weed on this 1)
by goon slaya January 25, 2011
A person you had sexual encounters with, which you hope to never see again…. or at least not in public. And if you do, you DUCK!!!

This word is commonly used by die-heart wingmen, cheaters, people still stuck in-the-closet and drunks.

Also commonly used to describe an ugly, fat, or or just plain unattractive people who you would never consider being with.

An attractive person, is hardly ever a duck.

Synonym: Quack-Quack
Kyle and I met some geourgeous women last nite, but Peter got stuck with their "duck" friend.

I got so drunk last night that I woke up sleeping next to a "duck".

My girlfriend and I had to leave the party early last night because I've seen one of my ducks there.
by SlickVictory December 10, 2009
what happens when you type fuck and your dumb smart phone thinks you meant duck and you get screwed over
Guy: Hey wanna duck?
Girl: No I already have chickens and hate them.
Guy: *shit now what am I gonna do I wanna get laid but now she thinks I'm trying to do nice things* Uh haha oh well and my phone auto corrected it to duck... I meant to say do you wanna fuck
Girl: go duck yourself you perverted duck
by noreligionneeded March 06, 2015

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