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Short for dumb fuck. Someone who is being particularly annoying as rather dense.
I think that Molly is a duck
by blackpanther1020 July 11, 2008
1. An animal
2. Someone who isn't very clever.
3. Thrusting your body towards the ground.
1. The duck went quack.
2. That person is a duck for snorting smarties.
3. Dick Cheney! Duck!
by gamerlex February 20, 2010
A pair of twos in Texas Hold 'Em
I played ducks in late position and took a monster pot when I flopped the set.
by GPF January 25, 2005
university of oregon's athletic teams. kick pac-10 ass and play in some of the best venues in the country (mac court and autzen stadium)
The ducks have the greatest fans of any college in america
by goducks April 10, 2004
In reference to the 80's ny battle hip-hop scene, the term Duck was used to refer to someone who was not cool, or lame, as in 'lame duck' in reference to a president, which may or may not be the origin. Examples can be frequently heard on Kool Keith albums from that era used interchangeably with 'wack'.
"You wack ducks is perpatratin'"
by My name is Jordan Clarfield September 10, 2008
In South Florida, a duck is someone who is easily influenced.
She says, "Girl, that nigga John is a duck! Tina needed her rent due and that nigga paid for it and ain't even seen the pussy!"
by EmceePima December 10, 2008
A term used when leaving a group of people or when finished talking to a person.
Cody: Alright guys I gotta bounce
Chris: Alright I'll see you tomorrow
Cody: Ducks bro
Chris: Ducks Bro
by R0FLWAFL August 14, 2011