It's the foul smelling cheese that forms under the foreskin of the uncircumsized and unwashed.
He likes duck butter on his toast.
by Clay White December 25, 2003
The sweat right between a mans testicle sac and leg that has condensed and gathered lint, hair, dirt etc... Usually the stinkiest/manliest part of the mans body. Although it is gross, women will always be attracted to it.
Oh, Billy's Duck Butter smells so strong! I just want to spread it all over my toast!
by chaka430 March 10, 2015
nut sweat
Dude I got hardcore duck butter
by Kay April 04, 2003
Sweat excreted from the perineum
Ryan Herbert is the duck butter reservoir.
by Ryan Boese November 10, 2003
Ass sweat.
Your Mom's breath smells like Duckbutter.
by lhpdonkey August 20, 2003
The nasty thick substance that forms on teeth of people who don't brush them.
Go brush your teeth, you've got a serious case of duck butter going on.
by Ibustedyou2 February 11, 2013
The multicolored cheeselike smegma that collects inder the foreskin of uncircumcised men. in case you don't know this, you should be cleaning that so i don't have to in the doctors office!
Dr. says "Whats that under your foreskin, sir?" Its duck butter, Doc.
by uroligist's beeotch August 12, 2009

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