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The sweaty juice that builds up in your ass cheeks after strenuous activity.
Billy - Hey, something smells icky in here.
Doug - Yeah, I was working out and I got a nasty case of Alabama swamp ass.
by web December 12, 2002
Easily recognisable by their Nike Shox trainers in absurd colours, football socks pulled up to the knees with Nike tracksuit bottoms tucked into them, a fake Rocksport jacket from off the market and a burberry cap off the back of a lorry ( also fake). You will also notice their funny walk as they are weighed down by the amount of fake jewelery purchased from the Argos catalogue. Older chavs are found not on the street corners, but on the roads in souped up Novas with their neon lights and floor scraping body kits which max out at 30mph! They have also been known to ride absurdly stupid mini motos. If you are aproached by a chav, do NOT back away. Advance quickly and shout random big words at him or them. With the weight of their jewelry dragging them down, its a simple case of loading your M-16 and blasting away.
Noo man not mi burbray cap, cost mi a fiva oof the market
by Web December 30, 2004
The sweaty juice that builds up under the ballsack after strenuous activity.
After raking leaves all day, Doug had to wipe the duck butter from his crotch.
by web December 12, 2002
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