grease that gathers on the region between a mans scrotum and anus after he runs a marathon
this duck butter is so thick that i could spread it on toast
by ballz October 12, 2003
the name of a product, used in the lubrication and assembly of hub and spigot pipe. applied to the inside of a gasket that has been placed inside of a hub end and on the outside of the spigot end prior to joining to ease the process along. duck butter itself is comprised of water soluble vegetable shortening.
pass the duck butter and grab the pry bar, we're getting this done today.
by Alpha Raptor July 21, 2008
Substance that results from the mixing of semen and vaginal fluids that rolls down the nut sack and grundle after unprotected sex. Once mixed, if left unattended, a sticky residue will result on the nut sack and grundle with a profound citrus like smell.
Fuck man, wash up after gettin some I can smell your duck butter from over here.
by MikeAllen September 01, 2004
the accumulation of condensation between the testicles and anus of a man or transgender assuming they still have male plumbing.
I think you need to shower..why? It smells like your duck butter went bad in this heat..(sniffs) damn your right!!
by eddies_impala95 September 05, 2011
noun. The scum that collects in the foreskin; a mixture of lint, sweat, dirt, etc.
Dude I had a doubleheader tonight and i had the worst case of duck butter because of those damn uniforms. That shit's nasty
by DudeManBroGuyPalPartnerBuddyFriend February 20, 2008
sweaty film produced on a man's balls and taint after much physical activity on a hot day.
"get out the gold bond, Ed, after walking clear across campus the ol' duck butter is getting thick!"
by total playa June 01, 2004
It's the foul smelling cheese that forms under the foreskin of the uncircumsized and unwashed.
He likes duck butter on his toast.
by Clay White December 25, 2003

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