the accumulation of condensation between the testicles and anus of a man or transgender assuming they still have male plumbing.
I think you need to shower..why? It smells like your duck butter went bad in this heat..(sniffs) damn your right!!
by eddies_impala95 September 05, 2011
grease that gathers on the region between a mans scrotum and anus after he runs a marathon
this duck butter is so thick that i could spread it on toast
by ballz October 12, 2003
When two (ugly) people (male&female) have sex, and a gelatin/butter substance is made between the two of them. Usually disgusting and smelly, and leaves a snail trail like substance on sheets. If they do not separate, the duck butter will harden and cause trouble for the both of them.
"Ewww, they are going to make Duck Butter together"
"They are so ugly they make duk butter, when they have sex." - A random uncle.
"Lets go make some duck butter!"
by Sai R. March 29, 2016
The awful smell obtained from a man taking ones hand and rubbing it on his sweaty gooch.
After practice i made some good duck butter
by Steelcougar80 March 22, 2012
Vagina slime.
I stole a pair of her panties and they were full of duck butter.
by nine February 18, 2004
It's the foul smelling cheese that forms under the foreskin of the uncircumsized and unwashed.
He likes duck butter on his toast.
by Clay White December 25, 2003
The sweat right between a mans testicle sac and leg that has condensed and gathered lint, hair, dirt etc... Usually the stinkiest/manliest part of the mans body. Although it is gross, women will always be attracted to it.
Oh, Billy's Duck Butter smells so strong! I just want to spread it all over my toast!
by chaka430 March 10, 2015
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