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the name of a product, used in the lubrication and assembly of hub and spigot pipe. applied to the inside of a gasket that has been placed inside of a hub end and on the outside of the spigot end prior to joining to ease the process along. duck butter itself is comprised of water soluble vegetable shortening.
pass the duck butter and grab the pry bar, we're getting this done today.
by Alpha Raptor July 21, 2008
40 40
Nothing in relation to the sweat glands on ones crotch or anus-y areas. Instead, Duck Butter is the secretion on Ducks wings and feathers so that they may still fly even after being in water.
Child: Mommee, why canz teh duckkee stiww fliiiy????
Mother: Because of teh duck butter, child.
by Brocke June 25, 2005
14 14
sweaty film produced on a man's balls and taint after much physical activity on a hot day.
"get out the gold bond, Ed, after walking clear across campus the ol' duck butter is getting thick!"
by total playa June 01, 2004
7 7
Vagina slime.
I stole a pair of her panties and they were full of duck butter.
by nine February 18, 2004
13 13
A cheesey (and profoundly smelly) secretion that collects on the backside of an unwashed scrotum
John was surprised to find that he liked the taste of DUCK BUTTER on his morning toast.
by JTB October 06, 2003
31 31
The sweat that forms beneath a man's testicles and between the cheeks of his butt.
Dave: So man, how'd your date with Cindy go last night?
Steve: Oh bro... it was great! I gave her some of my Duck Butter.
Dave: ...You're one sick fuck, Steve...
by Diatome May 11, 2009
3 4
Duckbutter differs from Smegma but is
pretty much the same. The smelly cheesed
odor that builds up between vagina as
well as the penis. Due to bad hygiene
mostly but still should be under control
by the tales I get from people who shower every 5 minutes. I pity those dudes but if you hafta you hafta-Rich
Smelly human problem!
by Frank Musselwhite August 13, 2004
7 8