the pasty, sticky film that builds up between the leg and nutsack when engaged in strenuous activity
Scott worked out for two hours and wiped the handful of duck butter from his leg and slapped Bennett in the face with it.
by Shiggity shiggity shwa September 12, 2003
The pasty secretion that builds up under the fore-skin if not washed.
by Zeb March 01, 2003
The sweaty juice that builds up under the ballsack after strenuous activity.
After raking leaves all day, Doug had to wipe the duck butter from his crotch.
by web December 12, 2002
male ejaculate; semen
Dude, I totally opened her purse and blew a load duck butter in there. She's going to be so pissed when she finds out.
by Kyle Finchsigmate November 18, 2007
The apparent product those from the northwest continential United States, particularly the state of Washington, generate while running and sweating intensively, churning said product from sweat into duck butter.
He generated much duck butter during the 5k run in the Florida weather.
by aloysius3382 February 28, 2007
The Sweat around ones balls causing them to stick to the sides of ones legs
I've got a killer batch of Duck Butter in my pants
by Christopher Brown September 21, 2005
The sweat accumulation that forms between 2 folds of skin.
I ran for a hour yesterday, and it took 3 showers to wash away the duck butter between my ass.
by die-nough-soar June 26, 2003

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