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5 definitions by Zeb

nn literially means night night, but maybe used as "cya"
nn cf, i dreame of you or nn cf i'm off out.
by Zeb August 27, 2003
584 108
A guy who has the same powers as James Bond
wow isn't that zeb? i'd get on my knees for him any time
by Zeb September 18, 2003
241 140
What it is that is the shit. The goodness underlying every good thing. The quality of our feelings and experiences that makes us want to have them.
Some examples of things that are infused with anorap: music, love, happiness, joy, contentment.
by zeb January 31, 2004
11 1
A Phillipino stud with a huge mule who gets lots of girls.
Look at chinofreak, what a pimp.
by zeb September 15, 2003
4 1
The pasty secretion that builds up under the fore-skin if not washed.
by Zeb March 01, 2003
9 13