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the douche way to spell douche
Hey my names Bill and I am ignorant. You are indeed a duche.
by Wehner June 24, 2006
n., doosh: the idiot of a group that no one can stand but they still want around
Hey, whats up duche?
by dooshman August 19, 2007
A very smelly penis
Ewww, Michael put your duche' away thats soo gross!
by Stikey December 31, 2009
Someone who does stupid shit to make them self hated and despised by the people around them. Consequentially this may be a fat person named Garret.
"that fat shit Garret is a duche"
by Ranger rotc October 26, 2007
1. Someone who does prissy shit for stupid reasons.

2. short for duche bag
Henry David Thoreau refused to pay a poll tax for "Civil Disobediance." He was held in jail for one night while someone else paid it for him. What a duche.
by DudeoftheDay March 04, 2005
Pronunciation: do-chey.
Duche means anything and everything. It's universal.
You are such a duche! I love you, you duche. Oh my god, that's so duche! Super duche! Rock on duche!
by Project DAY February 24, 2009
bitch, slut-bag whore; red-heads who calls themselves blondes
Christine is a duche.
by Deanna and Jacqueline December 18, 2004

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