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the douche way to spell douche
Hey my names Bill and I am ignorant. You are indeed a duche.
by Wehner June 24, 2006
182 65
n., doosh: the idiot of a group that no one can stand but they still want around
Hey, whats up duche?
by dooshman August 19, 2007
78 62
A very smelly penis
Ewww, Michael put your duche' away thats soo gross!
by Stikey December 31, 2009
6 3
Someone who does stupid shit to make them self hated and despised by the people around them. Consequentially this may be a fat person named Garret.
"that fat shit Garret is a duche"
by Ranger rotc October 26, 2007
32 46
1. Someone who does prissy shit for stupid reasons.

2. short for duche bag
Henry David Thoreau refused to pay a poll tax for "Civil Disobediance." He was held in jail for one night while someone else paid it for him. What a duche.
by DudeoftheDay March 04, 2005
69 85
Pronunciation: do-chey.
Duche means anything and everything. It's universal.
You are such a duche! I love you, you duche. Oh my god, that's so duche! Super duche! Rock on duche!
by Project DAY February 24, 2009
33 57
bitch, slut-bag whore; red-heads who calls themselves blondes
Christine is a duche.
by Deanna and Jacqueline December 18, 2004
43 85