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Someone who has characteristics of an uptight bitch that doesn't realize that their life effects other people. Spoiled brat.
Child celebrities often grow up to be prissy assholes with no futures.
by DudeoftheDay March 04, 2005
Someone exibiting a sexy accent or voice.
That girl from boston is ear candy.

Snoop Dogg is ear candy.
by DudeoftheDay March 21, 2005
1. To move over in order to create space

2. To exit with particular haste
1. Scoot over dude! I need to sit down.

2. That bitch showed up at the party and I scooted out of there faster than you can say "Tab Benoit"
by DudeoftheDay March 12, 2005
To ask for a high five (The slapping of the hands used as a form of male-bonding).
Steve: I just made out with Kristy!!

Jim: Dude! Gimme five!
by DudeoftheDay March 26, 2005
A girl who has think eyebrows that make them look like a guy
Steve: Dude, that Viking girl Olga has manbrows

Jim: Just cuz she's from Norway that doesn't make her a Viking

Steve: So does!
by DudeoftheDay March 26, 2005
A blues singer with the most awesome name in the entire world.
Cookie: I saw Thross and Tab Benoit in the same restuarant at the same time!!!
Johozaphat: Dude that's awesome
by DudeoftheDay March 03, 2005
A typoizzie is one who is fascistly strict about spelling errors on AIM.
theNfactor0797: Hey, do you wanna hangout some time?
akaprincess213: Sure, how about eight or nien o'clock?
theNfactor0797: nien o'clock?? is that anything like NINE O'CLOCK?!?!?!!? ROFLMAOWWRP!!!!!!!1111
akaprincess213: umm, let's not talk anymore
akaprincess213: whore
by DudeoftheDay August 12, 2005

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