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Alexis's Dube's last name and she's really cool and 14 and single:-)
by Alexis May 21, 2003
15 112
A status-symbol deck-shoe produced by Dubarry's of Ireland, often white-soled and stereotypically worn by residents of South Dublin suburbs as the main zeitgeist of the established upper-middle-class culture in Ireland.
Often paired with other such reputable clothing, like O'Neills tracksuits, chinos and Polo shirts.
"Fiachra mon, did you see Sorcha? She's loike wearing dubes with her O' Neills, mon."
"No way, mon"
by oisin March 18, 2006
121 44
a joint.
"smokin' a dube.."
by geezus February 01, 2003
125 48
Dubarry sailing shoes; referred to as 'dubes' or 'decks'. Again, a frequently recurring word in Ross O' Carroll-Kelly. Seen as a statement of wealth+goes wth like everything?!
Story mon, like the new dubes?
by Robert O' Connor-Keavney April 07, 2005
81 47
the spelling of the word "Doobie" by people who have smoked themselves retarded
disagree? put down that dube and search doobie and look at the vote results

oh and dont forget to stock up on axe you noob stoners
by World Shaker August 06, 2009
49 27
Nickname of MHSAA Tennis coach of the year, Mark Dubiel. World renowned coach who coaches for Romeo High School.
Yo Dubes, the team painted the rock with your name on it, too bad somebody changed it to say pubes.
by BeeeeeZ March 21, 2007
29 13
a splif weed ganjaetc... also a last name approiatly enough for a stoner such as my self
see also doobie doob
lets smoke a dube its 4:20
by ihaveissues November 15, 2004
41 35
A entity, applicable to almost any situation, or scenario, referring to a marijuana cigarette, or joint.
The word is often used to express emotions, such as happiness, or excitement. There can only be one suffix added to this word, sh; as in DUBESH!
Usually, has the expression "AWW!" in front of it.
"I baked you a cake."

by Lowest Common Denominator April 23, 2010
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