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Sorcha is an old irish name that means one who is bright (opposite being dorcha, the irish for dark). Sorcha is often mispronounced, misspelt and unknown to the general public.. Yet the english version is the well known name sarah. Often in conversation girls called sorcha need no second name or description as the name is instantly recognisable.

The name was made a little more famous by the ross o carroll kelly book collection, and in a national survey Sorcha came up in the top 5 most unusual and intriguing names. Survey also says that the name is thought to be unforgettable and associated with mystery and lasting appeal
Met sorcha last week.. The girl still looks amazing. She was with lisa bradley, ah you do know lisa bradley,ya know the one with blond hair?

bright, traditional, unique, unforgettable
by 36923692 January 02, 2010
A blonde haired girl with a tendency towars random private jokes
Occasionally has angry outbursts...but her hearts in the right place
Shes also moddest
She enjoys a bita boogie boogie
Omg!that girls such a sorcha!i kno i wish i was a sorcha...
by call December 06, 2007
A red head who is up on cloud 9 enjoys a good oscar mayer wiener on weekends & likes it when you spread nutella on her.
Ayye did you see that sorcha over there she totally looks rad.

I sorcha, you sorcha , he she sorchas we all sorcha up in here.
by Competing May 25, 2014
A pretty girl who usually has a hot brother. She dislikes people who hold sexual attraction towards her brother. She loves being behind the camera and has some insane videography skills.
She punched me for looking at her brother. She must be a sorcha.
by sidnab July 01, 2011
A sorcha: someone who does something regrettable without thinking of the conseqeunces.
'She did a complete sorcha.'
by HereWeGo_Ox August 04, 2009
1.The spawn of satan, see satanist
2. a lady of the night see succubus
That girl with the long hair is such a sorcha!
yeah ino EWW.
by Yoormom October 23, 2007
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