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a nicely rolled package of weed; a joint. re: dube
"let's hide out back & smoke this doob while the family's out.."
by geezus February 01, 2003
while engaging in anal sex, the man screams a different girls name than the one he is servicing. He then jumps on to her back and sees how long he can hold on.
"Man I tried the blue rodeo again last night, and I held on for five seconds.
by Geezus March 02, 2006
something that does NOT belong on a human head.
"Dang, WOMAN! Cut that MULLET OFF, YO!"
by geezus February 22, 2003
one who bashes, usually a fighter.
"Oi! that basher's done 'im in good!"
by geezus February 01, 2003
a joint.
"smokin' a dube.."
by geezus February 01, 2003
also used as a mindful sound when you're too tired or shmashed to respond coherently to anything.
1: "So, Marc! What do you want to do today?"
2: "buh."

by geezus February 22, 2003
n. genitalia - male *or* female.
"yo, checkin' out some hotties & grabbin' some of the low, y'all!"
by geezus January 31, 2003

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