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Dubarry shoes are brand of shoe made in Ireland. It is worn by sailors and D4s (posh dubliners). It comes in the colours navy, brown, pink, marron & navy and green & navy.
You either hate this shoe or love it. They go with anything, or they go with nothing.
The more worn and used looking the better. They cost €100

Lyk omg yur dubarry shoes are ledj did u run over them in a car?
Loike omg i so did and dey tot cost €100 !!
by MO & LME August 31, 2006
Tall leather wellington boots with Gore-Tex inner manufactured by the same Irish company who make dubes deck shoes. The Dubarry's (leather wellingtons) are more prevelant in the UK than in Ireland and while still a status symbol and commonly worn by sloane Rangers these boots are also widely worn by real country folk, horse people and even some chavs.
Sloan Ranger usage: Darling, did I leave my Dubarry's in the back of your Range Rover, there's a puddle outside Oriels?

Common Coloq Usage (UK): Where the f***k's me Duubries - it's pissing cats and dogs out ere and there's mud up to me fanny!
by lisa_urban May 16, 2008