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Dube, Dubing, Dubed, Wanna dube?
pronounced (doob)

the gray in between area between dating exclusively and just being fuck buddies.

college relationships are complicated and not easy to label. you still want your independence but you want hot sex too. but you don't want to deal with clingy girls or emotionally retarded boys. well here is the solution in one word: you dube.

Dube is actually an acronym
DUBE = Dating Unofficially Beneficially Exclusively

the use of adverbs is to clarify those unaskable questions.

avoid questions of, are we going out? or are you just using me? just say, will you dube me?

it may sound silly, but alas, it covers the bases of that hard to reach place, of a successful college relationship.

no strings, no tears, just good sex, and emotional stability for all involved.
girl 1: hey so, are you and like, Dan, together? i heard you two were like, exclusive.
girl 2: no no! we're just dubing.
girl 1: oh okay! so can i grind on him saturday night?
girl 2: yea! no problem, but i'll be the one going home with him to have crazy hot sex.

guy 1: dude you're spending alot of time hanging out with Chelsea.
guy 2: yea bra, she's so hot and i really like chilling with her.
guy 1: are you sure you wanna do that?
guy 2: yea dude, we're dubing. it's great.
guy 1: oh for real? that's chill. so can i grind on her saturday night?
guy 2: dude yea, whatever, she only wants to do me, i'm so good

Lizzy: hey Bobby!
Bobby: suppy?
Lizzy: wanna grab some lunch? and then have hot sex?
Bobby: definitely. (I LOVE DUBING!)

Frat guy 1: dude, you're not gonna date her right? that's GAY
Frat guy 2: no man, i like her but we're being realistic, we're gonna dube.
by odwallaodwalla January 22, 2010
An insulting name given to those who were born in Dubai and are fat, unathletic, anti poon and smell
Alex: Get out of here dubes you smell like curry and all the girls are scared of you

Dubes: shut the fuck up! I hate this country, curry is the best and all the ladies love me

Alex: Dubes you you need to get your turban checked no one likes you fat ass!
by Anti dubes December 08, 2009
Boat shoes made by dubarry worn by stuck up southside dubliners and wannabe northsiders..they are complimented by barrl laces, and the typical girl who wears them is seen as attractive. They come in a navy, brown and pink variety
OMG loik my dubes are soooooo comfy
by SOD March 18, 2007
condom...used by adolescents in Northern Canada
I looked in my brother's wallet and I found a DUBE!
by Tony Rose January 10, 2006
Scooby "Dube" Doo is the greatest warrior from the clan Storm.
He is so loved by his friends and feared by his enemies, that upon his presence people flock to his feet.
He can normally be seen with his trusty side-kick Bantram.
Oh Dube your powerfulness, please it would be an honour to be shot with your big gun.

AHHH Head for the hills!! Dube is on the way.
by All of tranq and legion. August 07, 2004
Ecstasy pill
dubey dubley duuuuuuuuberinggggggggg bling ting n' ya ming...mm mnooo
by Liberty January 31, 2004
Alexis's Dube's last name and she's really cool and 14 and single:-)
by Alexis May 21, 2003