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pure hell which sets in a couple of days after a tooth extraction; usually wisdom teeth.

if your surgeon applies too much force when removing the teeth you are more likely to encounter this; it involves the bare jaw bone being exposed-- alowing bacteria and air to come in contact with it, causing pain that is unstopable by normal means such as Vicodin or Valium.
i was feeling fine after surgery then i got dry socket and now i just whence in pain all day.
by Zhen July 24, 2006
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A girl who won't 'put out.'
Don't waste your time on her, man. She's a dry socket.
by Me2-BFD April 21, 2009

What a girls vag turns into after hours of intense vigorous intercourse.

Damn I fucked that bitch for so long the cunt turned into dry socket.
by frëêkMia April 11, 2009

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