To turn off the water in somone's toilet, and than crap in it.
Jordan Spiked My Beer with Exlax so I Dry Docked His Toilet
by Arctic Wasp February 02, 2008
Drydocking is when you have two gay guys. One is circumcized, the other is not. The uncircumcized one wraps his foreskin around the other guy's penis and they jerk each other off at the same time this way.
Those two gays are going in the back room to drydock.
by Cromster of Oryx October 05, 2005
v.the act of deficating in a toilet, releasing the turd at the point of flushing when there is no water in the bowl, so as to cause the turd to stick on the porcelean in a mannar which makes it difficult to remove.
joe drydocked daves can, frustrating dave who had to scrape the turd off later using johns shoe.
by jeff February 24, 2003
A uncircumcised man wraps his foreskin around another circumcised mans penis.
I don't feel like fucking in the ass. Cant we just dry dock?
by distraughtsymphony February 23, 2009
The act of deficating on the bathroom floor just to the side of the toilet bowl. This is a practice commonly carried out as a prank by college aged party goers. Often times this involves the consumption of alchohol before hand as a relaxing agent. The culprits typically target large fraternity house parties.
Man we threw a hell of a rager last night which pretty much went off without a hitch, aside from the fact that some pillow biter up and dry docked us mid evening.
by TheNoodler March 30, 2006
Dry Dock: v. To emulate sex with an engorged fuck stick but fully or partially clothed. Usually done by teenagers who aren't ready to do the real thing (maybe she's a cherry). It comes from the term for a ship out of water, as this teenaged boy's "vessel" is not going to contact any liquid!
Their making out and tit squeezing led to some dry docking in the back seat.
by Becki February 12, 2005
The act of defecating and ensuring some of the excrement remains on the dry section of the toilet bowl, requiring extreme effort for removal — and ensuring the stench is unbearable. The best results are usually achieved in a crouch or reverse crouch stance.
To get back at Blimmer, I went into K Lo's washroom in the afternoon and unloaded. I made sure to dry dock it too!
by Phineas Taylor Barracus January 06, 2005

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