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When a person is too lazy to shovel their driveway so they just drive over it a bunch of times in their ghetto cruiser to flatten it out, often getting stuck at the end of it.
"Hey, did you see the neighbor try to use his nigger snowblower? He got stuck so bad it took 4 people to push him out!"
by TheManwiththePlanhellyeah December 13, 2008
The trend were people gel up their hair like a Mohawk, but without shaving the sides they are really just retarded posers. Commonly seen with the guidos and the Gap wearing crowd.
Hey, did you see that douchebag with the tardhawk? Either get a real Mohawk or learn to comb your hair!
by themanwiththeplanhellyeah February 10, 2009
The technique of crapping in a toilet bowl but sitting backwards on it so it lands on the dry part of the bowl for the next person to enjoy. If it sits long enough it will get stuck and requires multiple flushes to break it free so it can sail out to sea.
Lets get out of here! I just dry docked in the bathroom and the host went in after me!
by themanwiththeplanhellyeah March 25, 2009
The proper way to describe a group of black people in an area.
We better get going, the nige is out in full force.
by TheManWithThePlanHellYeah April 06, 2009

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