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When having intercourse doggy style the gentleman pulls out and ejaculates in the exact spot on the woman's back which is impossible for her to reach. She then has to find some sort of object to reach around behind her to scrape the dried ejaculant off. The same effect can be reached by spreading the cum all over by hand...this variation is called the Zamboni.
That ice scraper should keep her busy for awhile.
by unsavery January 06, 2006

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The uncommon and rare occurrence of having an Iceberg (turd large enough that it breaks the surface of the toilet water) fall forward and smack the back of a man's testicles requiring him to use tissue to wipe his balls.
I can't believe I just had to wipe the back of my balls! I just got nailed by an Ice Scraper.
by Kuips512 April 07, 2014