An article of clothing that is a dress and a top, usually jersey material.
When I went into H&M there were a lot of drop's,
by Polyphonic Paradise August 24, 2009
To urinate for a drug test.
I had to go drop for my probation officer yesterday.
by themadhatter69 August 14, 2009
to get tested for drugs by a urine test.
Hey, did your probation officer drop you yesterday?
by Mimi1985 June 03, 2009
v. - To create a rythym. see lay down
1. Motherfucker can drop a wicked rhyme
by Anonymous April 25, 2005
an expenisive car or a convertible
i went from a hoopty to a drop
- 50 cent
by sLiK March 06, 2005
v. - To drop. To defecate.
n. - A drop. A defecation session.

This expression has been used in the Sample Pints's words of wisdom.
Sorry, I gotta drop.

That was a mighty good drop!
by Pirate boy October 11, 2006
to get disconnected from IRC due to server problems
<usera> !seen userb
::Notice:: <userc> I last saw <userb> QUIT with message (Connection reset by peer) at 00:42
<userd> userb dropped this morning and hasn't been seen since...
<usera> Well fuck that, I need resumes from him/her/it
by Firebottle January 19, 2005

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