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the act of slipping some on ex lax, once the ex lax is an hour away from kicking in then you somehow slip the person a slipping pill. They will pass out in their bed, most likely for 8 hours if the sleeping pills are heavy enough. The prank needs to be performed at night or else is won't be considered a MINDNIGHT mudslide.

Midnight- Sleeping pills

Mudslide- Laxative
The midnight mudslide man, slip that ho some laxatives and then later before they hit him slip him some sleeping pills so he crashes and craps his bed all night.
by goon4lyphe September 10, 2010
To roll a blunt(wrap) of highly potent, grade A marijuana(drop)
" Wrap a drop ho."
by goon4lyphe September 10, 2010
drop is just another name for hydroponically grown, high thc marijuana.
Hey man, you got any of that drop.
by goon4lyphe September 10, 2010
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