Used to show the action of beating or murder in a non stoopid police literate way.
stfu before i drop yah ass.
by click click boom May 25, 2003
used in a phrase to tell someone to go die in a jokingly, but harsh way.
Guy 1: your such a weiner
Guy 2: DROP!
by Nigel McNige May 25, 2008
Something you tell your pledges.

(and then pledges drop on their palms to the ground and do pushups)

by tommy tim March 04, 2006
- verb; to squirt off the back end of a paceline.
"Lance dropped Bobby like a greased pig"
by Tmax February 24, 2005
A word used to describe the process of exctreting faeces from the anal passage. Often used in conjunction with other slang such as nugget and log.
I just dropped a nugget.
by Sekt March 21, 2003
When a person needs to get rid of something
Jane: i need to break up wiht my boyfriend
John: yo, you drop it like its hot, girl
by junkiezzzz February 21, 2006
A skull cap or bandana worn in any style. Common to H-Town.
My navy drop's lookin' hot with me new LA hat.
by <CM> June 02, 2005

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