The word drop can mean a lowerd car.
Low rider.
i was pimping it in the drop dog.
the chevy was droped.
ima flip them hoes digits when im in my candy drop
by Snow Cone September 24, 2005
to release an album to the public.
the new jay-z dropped last week.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
To take a Urine drug test,
David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.
by SirTokesAlot August 03, 2005
when a person mentions something (usually in a subtle manner) that is completely unnecessary to the conversation, and serves only as a gateway for the person to indirectly brag about his/herself.
this is an extension of name dropping.
Todd: "Hey!"
Tucker: "Hi!"
Todd: "My name is Todd, what's yours?"
Tucker: "Tucker, hey where are you from?"
Todd: "Louisiana, you?"
Tucker: "Oh, I'm from California *where I won the national championship 7 years in a row for Greco-Roman wrestling."
by abrelosojos March 24, 2005
a place where mob money is stored, a collection point.
Charley: Why do we have half a million dollars? The bank we robbed should have only had five grand or so.

Harman: Whoo-hoo, we lucked out!

Charley: Maybe that little bank was a drop, a collection point.

Harman: Oh shit.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 01, 2007
to drop is drug slang for to swallow a pill, usually ecstasy but also is applicable to amphets, kets, angel dust, valium and any other form of recreationally used pill.
"dude have you dropped yet?"
"nah ima drop at 9 so i can be up for about 11"
by WiW UK October 16, 2006
A form of "crack" cocaine that is of an exceptionally higher potency than normal "crack." Being as such, it is also unusually hard, having a concrete-like texture and strength.
"Holla at ya boy, I got that str8 drop patna."
by T-Mack (5150) April 11, 2007

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